girls fighting evil: quote series part 1

i have love the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night 

-sarah williams

(she repeats this to herself as she walks the streets under the night sky. it comforted her as a child, and it still speaks to her now. she does not fear the night, as the stars watch over her.)


Tim Burton received this handmade cake from his animation team and it’s basically the coolest shit ever.

one of my 100 happy days was a little video of my first mini project life album of my orlando vacation. yay!

thanks for sticking with my through the last 100 days. can you believe that?

edit: never mind, it’s too big for tumblr. just enjoy the first page haha.

100 happy days: 91-99

91. my summer pajamas. 92. new hobby. 93. my mom visited and left me a note. 94. crocheting. 95. completed project! ice cream cone pillow. 96. new things. 97. my dogs visited when my mom and brother did! 98. my new old crock pot + the first attempt- spinach and artichoke dip! 99. pizza life

i made a video for one of the last ten days, i’ll post that separately!


One day her prince will come and wake her from hypersleep #sketch_dailies #SleepingBeauty @Sketch_Dailies

i wondered did you consider ibuzoo as a tumblr girl fighting evil? she reminds me so much of you
asked by Anonymous

wow, what a compliment! i adore her blog, i follow her faithfully!

unfortunately, real life has made me stop all the girls fighting evil spin-offs. i hope to start them up when i have little breaks, and when i do, i’ll ask ibuzoo if she’s interested! thank you for the suggestion!


what are your favorite quotes? 

I don't know if you watch Gravity Falls, but it's a really cute show and maybe you could do a Girls Fighting Evil for one of the characters, Mabel Pines?
asked by Anonymous

i love mabel! i always say i’m mabel and my brother is dipper. i’ll consider it!

what are your favorite quotes?