fairy tale meme: (5/7 Villains)

the ice-cold snow queen. not every frozen hard is thawed.


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looking to follow some disney or fairy tale blogs! anyone have any suggestions?



I bet you didn’t think you needed a photo of Ming-Na Wen wearing a Mulan bathing suit?

But you did.

You really did.

That’s it, I’m dead.

When I walk into a church, I only see paintings of white angels. Why?- Eartha Kitt 


I was driving past a business here in the Houston Heights, when I glimpsed this painted on the side of the building. I recognized that iconic WWII poster before I realized it was not just any woman, but 14 year old Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was attacked for wanting an education. The words next to her are her quote, ( “I don’t mind if I have to sit on the floor at school.) All I want is education. And I’m afraid of no one.”

(at the Avis Frank Gallery, 1606 White Oak Dr., Houston, TX 77009)



Cinderella Pencil Test

When I first saw this, I actually teared up a little. The notes on the frames make it so much more amazing. That is true art. 


Fairy Tale Reform School  by Michael Heath 

fairy tale meme: (4/7 Villains)

the waiting maid from the goose girl. manipulative, cruel, and a victim of her ideas.