girls fighting evil: the historian

this has been requested a few times!

(“history, huh?” the guy says, squinting at you over his beer. “and what are you gonna do with that? don’t get a lot of money sitting over some dusty old books.” “mm,” you say, thinking of the top ten most painful deaths in history that you could be inspired by. “i mean, i guess there are museums,” the guy says doubtfully. “but they only want like real historians, you know?” there’s walking the plank, you consider. but where would find a plank? same goes for the brazen bull. “i mean, you’re so pretty,” the guy continues. the stake has been pretty overdone, huh? you see the demon begin to slink from the shadows of the corner and head towards your critic. “why would you want to ruin your eyes and your posture hunched over some books about things that happened a million years ago?” you watch as the demon rears back, jaws open, mouth wide.

you push the dude away and stab the demon in the neck with the pen you got from your dad for getting into grad school. as the demon disappears into a wave of dust and blood, you turn back to the man you saved. “history teaches me about today,” you say, and click your pen closed.)

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