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shopable girls fighting evil: the historian

for the historians who read history and save the world.

1. Land of Linked In Socks- $12. you keep some of your favorite presidents at your feet.

2. The Perfect Stitch flats in cameo- $60. sometimes you feel a little austen. your life is more like the ones with zombies, but you can still dress with a regency flair.

3. No Conquest Ring- $12. you read enough about warriors to become one yourself.

4. Magnifying glass necklace- $22. sometimes the font in your history books are just so small.

5. Globe necklace- $11. the world around your neck. sometimes it feels heavy, when you have so much of it to save.

6. The Clock Strikes Fun Skirt- $70. time is your enemy and your lover. you are a historian saving the world. it fascinates you and damns you.

7. Dolce Vita booties- $50. heeled so you can sneak into museums and sturdy enough so you can run out of them when you steal the ancient carvings.

8. A Woman’s Place shirt- $24. history is being made now, as you breathe, as you live.

9. Book brooch- $15. so you always have something with you to record your own history.

shopable girls fighting evil: the witch next door

for this anon. not exactly what you wanted!

1. skull in the details tights (plus size)- $15. you live down the hall from three little boys. they stare at you when you walk past their apartment, and they point out the skulls in the spiderwebs on your legs.

2. presentation skulls mug- $18. you invite the boys over for tea. they shriek and then giggle at the surprise at the bottom of their cups. you smile.

3. lace platforms- $33. these shoes warn the rest of the complex that you’re coming. you know that demons live under the boys. they are yours now. they should keep their fangs away.

4. i love glamp dress- $60. the boys’ single mother gives you this as a thank you for babysitting so often. you love it, and wear it when you cast protection charms.

5. arsenic mug- $24. you drink your eternal youth potion from here. 

6. taper candles- no longer available. you let the boys take turn lighting the candles. you show them how to light it with their breath, teaching them bits of magic.

7. bat decals- $5. when they’ve learned a little more, you show them how to turn the stickers on the wall into real bats. they giggle, and you know you made the right decision to protect them.

shopable girls fighting evil: teen witch

for my witchy anon.

  1. witch glitter pin- $16. sometimes the boys in your homeroom call you this behind your back. they don’t know how right they are.
  2. kitty tights- $12. your mother says you’re too young for your own familiar, so you keep content with being the black cat yourself. (storenvy is hit or miss but i have personally bought tights from brave and can confirm their reliability!)
  3. baby got bat- $30. sometimes bats help you get dressed in the mornings.
  4. soda fountain dress in cola- $45. black dress, black heart.
  5. vampire queen rose crown-  $25. who says children of the night can’t enjoy flower crowns too?
  6. bats all folks- $43. not only do bats help you get dressed in the morning, but sometimes they swarm your enemies. you should talk to them about those boys in homeroom…
  7. c label shoes- $18. black shoes are a must for a witch, but you’re young, throw some glitter on them!

shopable girls fighting evil: alice in wonderland

you’re nothing but a pack of cards

  1. follow request tights: $20. these tattoo tights comfort you in a way, knowing the white rabbit will be by your side always.
  2. sweet peter pan collar chiffon dress: $56 (%15 off your first order w/ coupon code oasap15) what kind of alice would you be without a blue little dress to convince the monsters of wonderland that you’re sweet?
  3. sunglasses with flower embellishments- $18. white roses for you to paint red- with the blood of the jabberwocky!
  4. white rabbit pin- $8. maybe this time he’ll follow you. (this etsy shop also has the mad hatter, tweedledee and tweedledum, and more.)
  5. women’s neck tie, with mushroom embellishments- $20. you have the power to change this time, right around your neck.
  6. steve madden floral shoes- $40. the flowers still talk to you. sing to you, sometimes. you wear this to remind yourself not to step on them. they are your most fragile allies.
  7. cat hair bow- $10. for your mad friend. you smile now too.
  8. book cover shirt- $28. they wrote a book about you and wonderland. you wear it on your heart.

shopable girls fighting evil: the girl from the stars

you came from the stars, and now you want to show your love for your home.

  1. sundress in stars-  $25, plus size. black and white, like you see the stars from earth. 
  2. supernova twirl skirt- $33. when you spin in this, you feel like you’re flying home.
  3. star print peplum top- $14. perhaps you feel a little sweeter on earth, a little less burning. you dress sweeter sometimes.
  4. sheer star tights- $10. human legs are fun, but a bit boring. you want to light them up, and that’s what these tights are for.
  5. heart and solar system dress- $75. you light up this world like your home lights up the sky.
  6. star light star right- $70. these shoes are odd, but you love the idea of walking on stars again.
  7. starlette crown- this is currently out of stock, but the shop will be back, with a crown of stars just like you wore at home.

 shopable girls helping evil: wednesday addams

wednesday’s at that age where she only has one thing on her mind. boys? homicide.

  1. Record Time Dress- $45. there’s nothing wrong with a classic, like a black dress or a collar or a noose.
  2. Striped bow- $7. black is such a cheerful little color, isn’t it? or, if you’re feeling like you’d rather make your own bow with some bloody fabric and sharp needle, here’s a tutorial.
  3. Peter Pan collar top- $20. people say black and navy together looks like bruises. how lovely! if you prefer a swap, try this zara top.
  4. Morticia earrings- $24. mother gave you these when you hexed your first ex. she is so supportive and agrees that he makes a much better bait worm than a boy.
  5. Crochet Collar Pattern- (cost of yarn and hook) sometimes you feel like paying homage to your grandmother and crocheting your own collar to pin on your wardrobe. when you take it to her grave to show her, you hear her bones rattling approval.
  6. Striped Top- $8. sometimes you miss pugsley and wear this in his honor. you do hope he enjoys the volcano he threw himself in.

shopable girls fighting evil: ophelia

after drowning, ophelia rose up to fight demons.

  1. Ethereal Girl Dress- $135. this dress is airy and whimsical, with flowers sewn on the bottom, like the flowers who kept you safe in the water.
  2. Wine Tasting Skirt- $60. (plus size) lace and delicate, like hamlet thought you were.
  3. Tea in the Garden Blouse- $43. flowers and a pretty collar around your neck.
  4. Skater Lace Dress- $28. you fight demons now, after you’ve drowned. in your white dress, you drip blood and water both. 
  5. Heirloom Locket- $5. for pictures of your father and brother. maybe hamlet, but maybe just empty to remind you of things to come.
  6. Cream Rose Flower Headband- $22. kaley makes crowns of flowers for you to adorn yourself with. hamlet never made you queen, so you must make yourself.

shopable girls fighting evil: the 1920s

let’s fight those monsters and then go to a speakeasy!

  1.  The Talkie of the Town- $75. pretty grey dress so you can head off to do a quick charleston before you snap the demon’s neck.
  2. Faux Pearl Necklace- $23. they don’t have to be real. you’re real. that’s all you need to remember.
  3. Flapper Doodle Brooch- $8. take a sister with you on your trip, even if she’s just a little pouty.
  4. Dance Instead of Walking Heel- $38. some might warn you you’ll get blood on those pretty white heels, but you rather like that look.
  5. Flapper Headband- $30. let’s decorate every inch.
  6. Marianna Lace Top- $30. little flutter on your shoulders, none in your heart.
  7. Conference Room Pant- $65 (out of stock currently but i never put in pants and i love these!) good for running, kicking, and startling some men.

you’re almost ready for your night out. here are two youtube tutorials for finger waves in your hair: one a little simpler, one more involved.

shopable girls fighting evil: the queen bee

sometimes you need to show your sting.

  1. honeycomb along top- $55. this top has a bee print on there, which is a little on the nose but subtlety has never been your strong suit.
  2. 50s style dress- $45. this is perfect for a quick dance and then calling upon your drones to do your bidding. maybe choreographed.
  3. Trisha shoes-  $35- on sale! how cute are these with their little bow? you would look honeysweet walking around in these.
  4. Bee bobby pins- $18. maybe when you can’t have your real bee babies sitting in your hair, you can have these pretty hair clips. they won’t whisper in your ears or take commands, but you look nice.
  5. Miss Lynette headband- $42. this is useful for a few reasons. one, it keeps rival hives from your pretty face. two, there are beautiful flowers to keep your bees hidden.
  6. Bee ring- $15. simple but effective. just like your bite.

shopable gfe: girl detective

ever wanna dress like a girl detective? get your mystery solving kit and let’s go!

  1. Nancy Drew shirt- $28. Show your respect for the queen of girl detectives with this shirt from Out of Print clothing. For each product sold, Out of Print donates a book to a community in need. I have this shirt myself, and I always feel ready to go through mysterious bungalows for clues.
  2. Nancy Drew iPhone case- $18. Can you imagine how much faster Nancy would solve cases with an iPhone? Be sure to capture pictures of evidence, record slinking shadows, and call for backup with your stylish phone case.
  3. Midday Musings Cloche- $33. Duck behind this cute hat when you spy someone who also spies you.
  4. Magnifying glass necklace- $22. Now you are always prepared to investigate the little things. 
  5. Carefully Chosen Coat- $100. Look at this beauty! Not only will you be able to escape from conniving bad guys, but you will look powerful while doing it. And didn’t you know, girl detectives have all the power.
  6. Saddle Shoes- Always a good choice for chasing.
  7. Plaid Knee Highs- Sometimes, you need to run from a case to a class. Plus, it gives you the added benefit of looking like a schoolgirl. If they underestimate you, that is half the game right there.